Disclosure Process


Members are required to file with the Commissioner a confidential statement including the following information as it relates to the member, the member’s spouse, dependent child(ren), and private companies controlled by the member, the member’s spouse and dependent children, or any of them:

  • all assets, liabilities, and financial interests;
  • all income received from any source;
  • all government contracts; and
  • any fees, gifts or personal benefits exceeding $200 received from the same source in a 12 month period.

Newly elected members, and those who are re-elected are required to file the long form private members disclosure statement with the Commissioner within 90 days of being elected.

Every year thereafter, a sitting member is required to complete and submit either the long form, OR, if there have been no substantive changes, the short form, no later than March 31st of each year.

The Commissioner’s office sends a letter to all members regarding their statutory obligations to disclose and file by March 31st of each year. Both the long and short forms are available in a PDF fillable format – located in the Forms section on this page. However, a member may print off the required form, complete and submit a hard copy.

From the detailed private information, the Commissioner prepares public disclosure statements. The public disclosure statement does not include specific dollar amounts unless disclosure of actual amounts is deemed to be in the public interest by the Commissioner.

Beginning in March of each year the Office contacts each member to arrange a meeting between the Member and the Commissioner to review the member’s annual disclosure. The member’s spouse may be present at this meeting.

Upon completion of all disclosure meetings and sign off by the Commissioner, members’ public disclosure statements are submitted to the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly. These public disclosure statements must be filed with the Clerk by June 30 and are available online for public examination. The disclosures are available for examination in the Office of the Clerk during regular office hours.

It is a breach of the Act for a member to fail to file a disclosure statement or statement of gifts or benefits, or to fail to comply with the Act in any way.