The Office of the Conflict of Interest Commissioner was established in 1994. Since its inception, there have been four Commissioners. The current Commissioner is The Honourable Maurice Herauf, K.C.

The Honourable Maurice Herauf, K.C. was appointed on July 1, 2020. He is appointed for a 5 year term.

Commissioner Herauf has extensive experience in the adjudication of complex disputes in all areas of law.  He has served in the positions of Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench, Justice of the Court of Appeal, and Registrar of the Court of Appeal and Registrar in Bankruptcy.  He was the first Registrar of the Unified Family Court pilot project and the first Media Relations Officer for the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal.

He also has extensive experience with administrative and management practices within the Government of Saskatchewan having served as Manager of the Licence Administration Branch of Saskatchewan, Liquor and Gaming Authority and Director of the Maintenance Enforcement Branch for Saskatchewan Justice. 

Commissioner Herauf received the Academic Excellence Award by the Law Society of Saskatchewan in 1987 for the Highest Overall Marks. He was also awarded the Saskatoon Bar Association Prize for the Highest Overall Bar Examination Marks in 1987.